Well Traveled Garbage

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I‘ve been a bit of a gypsy over the last three years. In fact, I have moved the past three summers, but this summer is hopefully the last for a very long time. Moving is a great time to get rid of all the garbage you’ve been holding on to for years. About 3 years ago, my paper shredder broke and I kept putting off getting a new one. So as the documents kept on coming, I just started putting them in old diaper boxes until I could get a new shredder. After I filled up 3 boxes, I finally got my new shredder. But by that time, it would have taken me weeks to catch up. So, those 3 boxes have moved to Colorado, back to Texas, and now to a new house in the same town. My paranoia keeps me from dropping them at Office Depot to be shredded, and I don’t have a place to burn them.

So not only do they take up valuable real estate in my garage, they annoy me every time I look at them. My belly produces a similar response and has also moved to Colorado and back. I always say I will deal with both of them later, along with a list of other issues. The problem is they are both important, but not urgent. In 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, he describes this as Quadrant 2, where successful people spend most of their time. This quadrant includes things like personal development, exercise, wealth planning, relationship building, etc. Instead, most of us spend more time in Quadrant 4, which is unimportant and not urgent (TV, busywork, etc). For some, Quadrant 4 prevents them from getting to Quadrant 2. But for others, it is used to purposefully distract and justify the fact that they are underachieving.

Regardless of the reason, it is quite possible to start to change this immediately. You don’t have to take a huge step, but you do need to at least take a small step. If personal planning is something that interests you, but you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend Creating Your Personal Life Plan by Michael Hyatt. It is a free e-book that will take less than 15 minutes to read through. It guides you step-by-step to creating an actual plan for your life rather than just hoping it all works out. Let me know what you think.

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